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Nov 11, 2012 7:00pm PST
to hurt us. >> they blame hamas for the rocket attacks. >>> scores of people in indianapolis cannot go home after a massive explosion late yesterday tore through a neighborhood hurting several people and killing two people. the blast and fire damaged at least 30 homes. the damage costs are estimated at $3.6 million and about 200 people were evacuated. local and federal authorities are still investigating what caused that explosion. >>> have you been missing the hockey brawls with the nhl season on hold? no worries, there is nascar. always nascar. after being clipped by clint boyer today in phoenix, jeff gordon waited for the revenge. look at that, gordon took out boyer's number 15 car which started this entire team -- well, to go in after gordon. but gordon's crew was able to come to his defense in time, and the brawl was on. incredible video there. apparently this feud started earlier in the season, and if today is any indication, it is only going to escalate. >>> as we heard in new york, new work week in washington, a new twists and turns in the resignation of the cia director david
Nov 11, 2012 8:00pm EST
of thousands of others. mudslides caused further damage. hamas, entered and starving, survivors rushed to the coastal area in the news of loved ones. as news reports filter back, president nixon promised 10 bundlers and 10 bundler zenaida solis promising to an army navy helicopters to the search and rest emission. the american public moved by the devastation had begun donating supplies and money to be sent to people in korea. similarly a pathetic, pat wanted to help. during the weekend at camp david a couple discussed the situation with the possibility of delivering donations from the american people down to peru. a week later she flew to peru in the conservative solace, way for the permanent president and l-lima to deliver donations to visit the injured and homeless. she took with her 18,000 pounds of blankets and other goods as well as during her brief stay she accompanied by nature the most devastating regions on a small plane sitting all manner repurposed kitchen chair with no seatbelt. walking amid the rebel she offered comfort to those who had lost everything. her genuine concern
Nov 12, 2012 12:00am EST
. they argue both hamas, since they make customers pay income taxes to pay interest, the customers are paying twice this income tax. and they've never denied denied this. i've always said is a subtle matter. it's over. be careful to never denied that they pocketed all this money. the second part is the utility companies often have a holding company structure. so you have your local utility for water and natural gas, but it's increasingly owned by companies in spain and france because rules are favorable to make a profit. companies mostly i prefer money. utility makes a profit of 11% after taxes pay the company. makes it dirty%. and those taxes charge at the highest possible rate, in many cases never get to the government. not a ten-year limit the interest of the billion dollars, but the holding company set up a mechanism market the money. when i expose this in 2002 to "the new york times," oregon passed a law that said give it to the government or give it back to the customers. general electric, no problem. northwest natural gas, no problem. one by warren buffett went to the legislature and s
Nov 12, 2012 1:00pm EST
problems right now. in the last two days alone, hamas has fired more than 100 rockets at israel. israel says it will respond when it's ready. today israel is responding to shelling from its troubled northern neighbor syria where a full-blown civil war is under way. iran, meanwhile, is holding a massive air defense drill just a week after firing on a u.s. drone in international airspace. but what if we didn't have to worry about any of those concerns anymore? well, according to the international energy agency, in 2020 we might not have to. sharon epperson is live at the nymex with the details. >> sue, there is in fact a major transformation that is under way in the oil and gas industry and particularly here in the u.s. and it is going to change the landscape dramatically. in just the next seven years. what the international energy agency is saying is that, of course, for many years, we have seen the concentration of the world's oil production in saudi arabia, and in fact saudi arabia is the second largest exporter to the united states of crude oil. but the iea says that the u.s. is going
Nov 12, 2012 1:00pm PST
along the gaza front between the israelis and the palestinians in gaza. hamas specifically. what's the latest there, sara? >> reporter: much more dire tensions, if you will. there have been more than 100 rockets that have come over from gaza into israel. people have been injured. there has been damage to homes and a lot of fear in israel, as you might imagine. also in gaza, gaza facing 30 people who were injured over the weekend, six people killed, four of them civilians. this back and forth all started, wolf, on thursday with the death of a 13-year-old palestinian boy who was hit by a bullet. witnesses said that bullet came from an israeli soldier's jeep. however, israel's looking into the matter, investigating, saying at this point in time they don't believe they were responsible for the shooting of that child. but since then it has been just a tit for tat. tons and tons of rockets coming over. israel very concerned about the escalation they're seeing in gaza. we're just now hearing that there may be signs of a truce between gaza and israel, but this has really been quite a vio
Nov 12, 2012 8:30am EST
for hezbollah and hamas and turn it into only political support. unfortunately, that turned into only pursuit. but these two examples are indications that with the right kind of pressures, their behavior will change. now, as you said, p.j., there's no doubt we have succeeded in putting on them crippling sanctions. in 2009 we talked about biting sanctions because we had to change the dynamic. we've gotten to the point where we're able to work with the rest of the world and mobilize the rest of the world to put crippling sanctions on them, and the estimates right now are every two months their currency is being devalued by half. every two months. think about what that means. it means whatever they're buying costs them twice at much, it means whatever they have in the bank is valued at half as much. the manifestations of the effect this is having within society are not hard to come by. you had demonstrations during the most recent ramadan because there was a shortage of chicken. not typical to have demonstrations during ramadan. three weeks ago you had gone straights in the bazaar, again by the
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)